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Creganna Medical TE

Proactive’s relationship with Creganna Medical TE involves strategic consultancy, brand development, campaign management and creative design.

We are responsible for the creation and continual maintenance of the Creganna Medical TE master brand. We have been involved in all of Creganna Medical TE’s new product launches. We have developed the name and identity for each product, created all supporting material and generated ideas and strategies for product launches. A key part of our work involves designing large-scale graphics and touch-screen presentations for the Creganna Medical TE stands at international exhibitions and trade shows.

“Creganna Medical began a retainer program with Proactive in 2005 after many years of working on a project by project basis. The retainer program moved the relationship between our companies to a new level. It became the key catalyst in developing a true partnership between Creganna Medical and Proactive – there is a commitment from both parties to the future of our businesses. The program has enabled a holistic view of the implementation of our marketing strategy by Proactive.”

Maura Leahy, Brand Development Manager