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We’re more than just a design company – we’re a creative partner dedicated to helping our customers stand out in a crowded marketplace. We thrive on challenges and embrace complexity, turning obstacles into opportunities for innovation and growth.


abbvie logo

AbbVie Talent Acquisition Campaign

Proactive has worked with AbbVie for over five years, using a mix of digital and out-of-home (OOH) campaigns to ensure that the AbbVie employer brand is recognised as a preferred career choice across their locations nationally.

Dublin airport abbvie poster display

MyWaste Awareness Campaign

Cigarette butts are one of the most commonly littered items worldwide, and their impact on the environment is often underestimated by the general public. Understanding the importance of their proper disposal is essential in fostering a more sustainable and litter-free society.

Proactive was appointed by Regional Waste Management Offices on behalf of the Department of Climate Action, Communications and the Environment to develop a creative suite of assets to engage the public.

Athlone Town Centre Brand Refresh

Athlone is often said to be in the heart of Ireland, and Athlone Town Centre is in the heart of Athlone.

The brand has been conceived and designed to emphasise the central location. The stylised letter O in the word Athlone can function separately as a graphic symbol in marketing materials. As a symbol, it intentionally plays on the concept of centrality, embodying the importance of our location as a focus for residents and visitors alike.

Creative designs categories

Brochures & Reports

book of embrc-eric business plan

Strategic Publications for EMBRC

As Europe’s foremost ‘research infrastructure’ dedicated to marine biological resources, the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) unites over 30 esteemed institutions. Proactive was selected to develop a creative services brochure that introduces the centre’s vision, challenges, impact, and collaborations. In addition, a 60-page annual report was developed featuring intricate diagrams, compelling illustrations, and insightful infographics, providing a detailed overview of the centre’s activities and progress throughout the year.

Empowering Youth Futures:
Planet Youth Creative Rollout

Proactive was appointed by the Western Regional Drugs & Alcohol Taskforce to develop a compelling array of impactful and engaging materials to launch and promote a new Planet Youth programme in Ireland. Planet Youth is a primary prevention initiative dedicated to nurturing the health and well-being of our young people. A suite of materials created included parent booklets, county reports, school reports, posters, banner stands, invites, website, social graphics and presentations.

Guideline for parents by planet youth

PowerPoints & Sales Presentations

Dawnlough Overview

Dawnlough is a fast-growing precision engineering company with big plans for further expansion. Proactive is working with Dawnlough to develop very specific sales presentations, corporate videos and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns to resonate with potential clients in the medtech, aeronautical and high tech industries.

Nutricia – Designed to captivate, inform and inspire

Nutricia is a brand within the specialized nutrition division of Danone, a global leader with a unique health-focused portfolio in food and beverages. Proactive works with Nutricia to create compelling and visually impactful PowerPoint presentations aimed at healthcare professionals. Our approach involves seamlessly blending often complex informative content with visually engaging elements to enhance communication. Whether it’s for educational purposes, professional development or sales presentations, our PPT designs are tailored to captivate, inform and inspire.

Poster for Nutricia adult range.
Poster for Nutricia for soya plantbased


Galvia Website Infographics

Galvia is an AI powered decision intelligence platform that helps organisations make better decisions from their data. The Galvia platform integrates data from various enterprise data sources to generate meaningful insights in a way that is safe, secure and scalable. The insights and visualisations transform how business decisions are made giving the freedom to focus on what matters most – generating revenue, creating meaningful engagements and sustainable growth.

Proactive worked with Galvia to create a website that offered an extremely positive UX with a polished, high tech look and feel. Creative infographics were utilised across the site to help encapsulate what this innovative platform is capable of in an easily digestible format to website visitors.


The Spice Pantry logo.

The Spice Pantry Branding & Packaging

Popular Dublin restaurant owner and chef Bala came to Proactive to develop a brand name, new identity and design packaging for his authentic range of home spice mixes for his signature dishes. These flavorful creations are available in independent retailers across Ireland.

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