Ray O’Connor

A creative powerhouse with boundless energy, Ray loves to spend time strategising – his best ideas are often formed while running.

‘I hear a client brief and my mind can instantly see the end result. The ideas come easily to me and I’m lucky to have a great team around me to make it all happen.’

Partner / Marketing Strategist

Angela Geraghty

Angela lives and breathes creative marketing strategy, seeing opportunities and solutions in the most complex-seeming problems.

‘I thrive on seeing my clients’ businesses grow, especially when I know that our Proactive strategic workshops sparked many of the ideas that contributed to that growth.’

Studio Director / Senior Creative

James Kelly

James is always challenging and questioning, and consistently delivers great ideas – he loves nothing more than transforming client workplaces with clever branding.

‘As studio director it’s my job to hit deadlines, but if I think there’s a better option for the client, I’ll take the time to explore it and still find a way to keep to the time frame.’

Senior Project Manager & Marketing Strategist

Breda Newell

Our very own superwoman, Breda always manages her multiple projects with a smile on her face.

‘In a place like Proactive, full of creative geniuses, I bring clarity and focus to every campaign. I work hard for my clients, developing strategic plans, managing budgets and delivering results across a range of industries.’

Creative Director

Marguerite Lynch

Marguerite combines images, words, colours and textures to create extraordinarily emotive designs.

‘It has to be perfect – I’ll keep designing, changing, tweaking until it’s just right. I have such a close relationship with my clients that I instinctively know what they need, and I make sure they get the best result, even on small jobs.’

Office Manager

Denise Bermingham

Ever organised and efficient, Denise loves to keep us all on our toes.

‘Keeping the team in high spirits and ensuring that everything runs smoothly is my responsibility. I make sure our house is in order so that we can concentrate on helping our clients.’

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Jimmy Burke

Jimmy is an experienced graphic designer with a real talent for words. You could say he’s the grammar king of the team.

‘I work on the design of large publications and specialise in creating clear and engaging layouts both in print and online. I’m a stickler for detail and often proofread as I’m designing.’

Front End Web Development & Digital Design

Melissa Mannion

Melissa is an expert in seamless UX and frontend web design.

‘The digital design and web development industries are fast-paced, ever-changing and exciting. The paint never dries; there’s always a new, better, faster or prettier way to do something and we make sure to find the best one for our lovely clients.’

Video & New Media

Alex O’Connor

Passionate about technology and video, Alex is the future of video production at Proactive.

‘I’m so lucky to be able to combine my hobby with my work. I love animation, video production, touch screen presentations… it doesn’t seem like work to me. I love it.’

Senior Project Manager & Marketing Strategist

Elisha Daniëls

Multilingual and multitalented, Elisha is obsessed with detail and perfection – she always dots her i’s and crosses her t’s.

‘I love finding a diamond in the rough – taking a raw idea and polishing it into a gem.’

Digital Account Manager

Orla McShane

Orla is an expert in the truest sense of the word. There’s nothing she doesn’t know about digital marketing, but if there is, she makes it her business to learn it.

‘I am very passionate about what I do and am driven to exceed client expectations. Getting to know a client, their business and industry ensures the best results possible.’

Web Developer / Writer

Aidan Reid

Aidan is the Swiss army knife of the team – passionate and knowledgeable about new web technologies and a sharp content writer across many genres.

‘I particularly enjoy working on new projects where I have a free licence to use a combination of visuals and texts to engage an audience. The bolder, the better!’

Senior Creative

Guilherme Moecke Rovaris

Gui is a creative perfectionist – a thorough and considered designer who understands the form and function of design, as well as the importance of visual impact.

‘I believe design must serve a purpose, solve problems and communicate with an audience. When each of these boxes are ticked, it’s time to make it look good.’

Senior Project Manager & Marketing Strategist

Damien Kelly

Damien is a meticulous project manager with extensive experience in B2B industries including engineering, MedTech, software and construction.

‘With every project, my goal is to bring clients on a journey, from where they are today to what’s possible tomorrow’.

Senior Web Developer

Neal Crowley

Neal is our coding genius – our web development superhero.

‘I love working with clients to create well-designed and optimised websites, finding the best solution for each client’s unique requirement. Diving deep into code is my happy place.’

Senior Graphic Designer

Tara Morgan

Tara brings a fresh and unique perspective to her designs, with an insight that always delights her clients.

‘Do what you love’ is the maxim at the heart of Tara’s work, and it shows.

Be Confident

Reassure clients that we know our stuff

Keep learning and sharing knowledge

Be Caring

Care about our clients

Care about each other

Be Considerate

Put ourselves in our customers’ shoes

Sit in a colleague’s seat

Be Creative

In our thinking, our design, our copywriting

It’s what bonds us as a team

Be Proactive

Take pride in our clients’ success

Secure our future