Cohesive brand structure for a major pharma group

Chanelle is a reputable manufacturer of pharmaceutical products with a very strong presence in the veterinary field. Chanelle engaged Proactive to devise and implement a brand realignment strategy to reflect the company growth and position as a major manufacturer of both human and animal pharmaceutical products.

Brand Development and Guidelines

The challenge was to bring clarity to the complex group brand structure and introduce a brand guidelines protocol to simplify the implementation of the brand for both internal staff and external contractors.

Brand Essence, Tone of Voice and Messaging

Proactive conducted a brand audit to identify the various branding touchpoints, logos and communications used across the five business divisions. Inconsistencies in the use of the logo and branding generally were highlighted. A strategic workshop was facilitated by Proactive to agree the branding hierarchy and stress test the recently produced mission statements and core values. The workshop included 20 senior management team members across all divisions.

Customer Value Proposition and Awareness

We reviewed the Chanelle online strategy and presented a website design to bring all the divisional websites together under one site. All of these elements were compiled to produce a corporate PowerPoint presentation, including infographics and illustrations to simplify the corporate messaging.

Brand Vision and Imagery

The project included workshops to agree on brand hierarchy, logo design, colour palette, decorative elements, photography and image guidelines.

Talent Acquisition and Digital Recruitment Campaigns

Proactive developed an employer branding and talent acquisition campaign to promote the many benefits of working with Chanelle. The campaign focused on making connections and career advancement for the more technical positions and flexibility for the manufacturing and warehouse roles using the campaign tagline ‘More Time for…’ to attract students, working parents, carers and semi-retired people: those who wanted to work but had other family or study commitments and needed flexible hours.

Proactive worked closely with the Head of Talent Acquisition & HR to develop the digital campaign concept into exhibition graphics and PowerPoint presentations for use at recruitment fairs.

I really appreciate the extra ideas and concepts Proactive brings to all projects, it definitely sets you apart from other designers we work with.

Ann Mahony | Corporate Communications Manager

Chanelle Pharma

Brand realignment for a fast growing Pharma Company

This was a very sensitive project as Chanelle Veterinary was already a very well-established brand, respected in the animal health marketplace but relatively unknown in the human health pharmaceutical sector. Proactive worked with a multidisciplinary management team within Chanelle to devise a new corporate brand hierarchy and introduce a new name and logo which was implemented company-wide across all print, digital and exhibition materials.

Outcome A Okay

The Outcome

The brand realignment facilitated the smooth transition into the Human Health sector and Chanelle Pharma continues to grow from strength to strength. Comprehensive brand guidelines and a full suite of creative assets, provided by Proactive, enabled all the divisions within this international company to seamlessly implement the new brand locally.

Outcome A Okay

Proactive Project Team

  • Brand hierarchy, strategy workshops and project management – Angela Geraghty
  • Brand realignment, brand development, core messaging and concept design, online strategy and graphics, exhibition display, recruitment and employer brand campaigns and video editing – Ray O’Connor
  • Brand guidelines, infographics, advertising and social templates and internal communications posters – Marguerite Lynch