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Central Applications Office (CAO)

The Central Applications Office (CAO) is the national body which processes applications for admission to higher education institutions.

Following a tender selection, Proactive’s work involved a brand-building exercise to enhance the CAO’s corporate identity and provide more user-friendly and applicant-focused materials for its many target audiences.

Initial work included recommendations and revisions to the CAO brand, along with recommendations for a consistent branding style for presentations, user guides, newsletters and stationery. Strong visual concepts and infographics were developed that can be applied to future promotional materials such as advertisements, posters, leaflets, website and social communications. We also designed the 2019 CAO Handbook and Strategic Plans 2018-2023. A consideration in the design of reports and user guides was that editable versions of these publications needed to be provided, enabling them to be adapted in-house by CAO staff for each new application season.

The result of this strategic and brand planning project will build a compelling, distinctive brand for the CAO over the long term and has resulted in more engaging and professional designs for future communication materials.