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Chanelle Pharma

Rebranding a Successful Multinational Pharma Business

Our client, Chanelle Pharma specialises in the development, production, marketing and distribution of generic animal and human health pharmaceutical products.

Target audiences

Global pharmaceutical companies who require a manufacturing and distribution partner:

  • Pharmaceutical companies who require an R&D partner to bring new products to market
  • Retailers of their own-brand animal and human health products
  • Vets and farmers who can buy direct from Chanelle in some markets

Services provided

  • Branding services, including strategy development, implementation initiatives, communication campaigns, brand guidelines development
  • Marketing consultancy, including strategic workshops and core message development
  • Creative design of a stationery suite, print advertising, sales support materials, brochures, posters and PowerPoint design
  • Digital services, including website design, website banners and social channel graphics, logo animations, etc.
  • Concept development, design and implementation of a new brand

The project outputs included:

Brand strategy workshops
Concept design
Campaign design
Digital design
Outdoor design (billboard advertising)
Promotional signage
Annual reports
Print brochure design

Rebranding Chanelle

Chanelle is a reputable manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Having a very strong presence in the veterinary field, Chanelle has recently established itself as a major pharmaceuticals manufacturer of human health products.

This shift required a brand realignment to reflect the new markets Chanelle is now competing in, without losing the existing brand value established over the past decade. The challenge was to bring clarity to the brand structure and introduce a brand guidelines protocol to make the implementation of the brand easier for both internal staff and external contractors.

Identify key touch points

Proactive conducted a brand audit to identify the various branding touch points, logos and communications used across the five business divisions. Inconsistencies in the use of the logo and branding generally were highlighted. A strategic workshop was facilitated by Proactive to agree the branding hierarchy going forward and stress-test the recently produced mission statements and core values. The workshop involved 20 senior management team members across all divisions.

Desk research was carried out by the Proactive team to assess current competitor branding, tone and messaging in light of the proposed changes. The current Chanelle brand was modified to Chanelle Pharma, which allowed it to embrace both the animal and human health sectors as well as new global markets. The agreed strategy was to present the company with one strong brand while allowing flexibility to differentiate the divisions and business units.

Creating clear brand guidelines

Brand guidelines were developed, including the various logo formats, core graphics, imagery styles, colour palettes, stationery, website templates, signage templates, interactive corporate PowerPoint templates and designed slides, an animated logo for use on video and an indication of tone.

New website structure

The Chanelle online strategy was reviewed and Proactive presented a website design to bring all the divisional websites together under one site. The choice of imagery was key to represent company values. A strong colour palette was selected to give the divisions in the company their own identity as part of the core brand.

All of these elements were compiled to produce a corporate PowerPoint presentation, including infographics and illustrations, to simplify the corporate messaging.