Ireland’s First Augmented Reality Prospectus

Although Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for a while now (remember the craze of Pokémon Go?), it is still however an unexplored opportunity in printed communications.

AR allows you to create immersive and engaging interactions with your customers by incorporating video content, 3d models that interact with the printed scene, photograph slideshows and web content –all of which enhance your printed materials, add to the reader’s experience and drive targeted and measurable direct traffic.

‘Probably the most exciting project we’ve worked on for a long time – this year’s LIT Prospectus uses Augmented Reality to bring the Institute to life.’

James Kelly, Production Manager, Proactive Design & Marketing

Proactive has worked closely with the Limerick Institute of Technology for the last 5 years, creating their annual prospectus. A third-level prospectus is often the first insight a new student gets into the next step of their lives and it is vital that this first impression makes its mark.

The Brief

Proactive’s brief is to ensure that the institute is seen in a positive light by all stakeholders, who are interestingly diverse.

Students look for a fun, engaging environment, their parents will have security and safety high on their agenda, schools and career guidance counsellors will look to solid education and job prospects, while funding agencies and government bodies need to see the next generation workforce filling new and emerging gaps in the country’s labour force.

How can all of that be catered for?

It’s simple really: eye-catching design and clear layout, delivering the right impression with a bit of something different.

And it’s the “different” that drove the team at Proactive to really push the boundaries of what’s possible. James said:

“We looked at the biggest emerging trend in digital media at the moment and instantly realised that combining the traditionally printed prospectus with video could bring great rewards. This led us to produce the country’s first Augmented Reality prospectus. College prospectuses are among the few print resources that have remained prominent even through the digital age and combining both seems an obvious step.”

When students receive their LIT 2017/18 prospectus, they’re prompted to download the Layar app to their phones to experience the stories embedded within the prospectus. The Layar app allows students to find out more about the part of the prospectus they’re interested in, using video.

By simply scanning a page of the prospectus with the Layar app camera, the students get a more detailed insight into that specific topic (See the digital version of the prospectus come to life for yourself here using the Layar app).  The app recognises the unique design features of that page and displays the appropriate video, providing more targeted information. For example, a student interested in becoming a Quantity Surveyor can use the app to watch a video about how LIT helped a qualified Quantity Surveyor in his career.

The Proactive Team loved bringing the LIT prospectus to life. Contact us for more information on how we can do the same for you.


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