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Cope Galway virtual launch of annual report – a resounding success

Cope provides essential services for vulnerable families and individuals in Galway. The launch of the annual report is a key opportunity to engage with major fundraisers and corporate supporters. Proactive worked with Cope to design its emotive annual report last year, culminating in an energetic and well-attended launch in a city centre hotel. However, the charity faced a real dilemma this ye...
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 Galway Hospice launches new website to help drive awareness and fundraising

  Galway Hospice supports patients from counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon with advanced diseases needing palliative care to attain the best quality of life possible. Prior to COVID-19, the foundation was already working with Proactive to upgrade its existing website, but it quickly became apparent that the e-commerce aspect of the site would become a vitally important tool. This would enable ...
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Helping primary school students and parents with the move to secondary school

With over 70,000 students nationally starting secondary school this September, most will have missed the usual school transition work that would have been done in a normal year, but 2020 has proved far from normal. Proactive were delighted to work with Planet Youth on the development of a new website www.StepUp.ie, designed to help students and parents with the move from primary to seconda...
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Introducing DigitalEd

GMIT along with partners IT Sligo and LYIT were awarded a HEA Innovation and Transformation award, to build digital capabilities in the region (2019-2022). The HEA project is called iNOTE and it provides opportunities to transform the higher education experience in GMIT, IT Sligo and LYIT. GMIT Teaching and Learning Office is leading the development of DigitalEd.ie DigitalEd.ie is a Digital ...
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GMIT Careers Corner

  Designed predominantly to help students make the right CAO choices, the Careers Corner on the GMIT virtual open day website is still being used by potential and existing students to help them understand their own personality type and guide them in choosing the right career path and course for them.  The Careers Corner feature of the website is a valuable resource for any Leaving Cert stud...
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First of its kind: online advice and video home speech and language programmes

Speech & Language Home Programmes Parenting is not easy at the best of times – but it’s considerably more challenging if your child has a complex communication need, such as autism or other developmental challenges. Karen O’Connor is a consultant speech & language therapist and director of services at the Child Development Centre in Galway and Dublin. She has over 20 years' experienc...
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Proactive’s Guide to using Facebook Live

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we are open to new ways of thinking and communicating with our target audiences. Facebook Live is a powerful way to connect with your viewers and offers many benefits to your business and brand. You can go live on Facebook to broadcast a conversation, performance, Q&A or virtual event within a Page, in a group or an event, and the live video wil...
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Claim Your Google Ads Coupon

Claim your Google ads voucher and receive up to €120 in ad credit. Google Ads is an online advertising service that enables you to compete to display your advert, based on keywords. They are valuable as an advertising channel as advertising is immediate, measurable and can be scaled to your budget.  You pay-per-click (PPC) so only pay if the web user clicks on the advertisement and is di...
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The Digital Revolution

When we eventually crawl out of the bunkers post-Covid-19, what world awaits us? Remember a time when nobody talked directly to each other? That era when everyone had their eyes lowered to their phones, when sending a text or email was more acceptable than actually talking face to face? Remember when parents would text their teenagers from the next room to call them for dinner, and couples wou...
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