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Overflowing with Creativity at Proactive Following OFFSET 2019

The Proactive Team have returned to the office this week full of energy, after spending the weekend immersed in creative thinking and surrounded by the most innovative minds in design at OFFSET Dublin 2019. Nuts of Wisdom Here's a few tips we brought back with us to the office: 1. Sometimes it's better to set digital aside and just go back to pen and paper. In today's fast-paced digita...
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As the CAO change of mind deadline looms, Proactive have made the process a little easier.

The CAO change of mind deadline is this Sunday, and the Proactive team are delighted to have been involved in making the process of applying to third level education more user-friendly.  The Central Application Office (CAO) is the national body which processes applications for admission to Higher Education Institutions. It is where budding students apply for where they have chosen to go and wha...
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Galway City Council and Proactive – Why We Work

The Proactive team are delighted to be a part of Galway City Council’s new Graphic Design Panel. In recent years, Proactive have provided high quality professional graphic and document design services to the Council including City Development Plans, Strategic Reports, Heritage Magazines and Local Initiative Campaigns. Proactive is very familiar with the procedures and working practises of St...
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Proactive’s Event Season 2018

Event Season is in full swing! The Proactive event season kicked off early Saturday morning June 9th with Forest Marathon Portumna and then on to the Irish Cancer Society Colour Dash in NUI Galway on Sunday June 10th. Two beautiful venues and two very different events. The Irish Cancer Society Colour Dash The Irish Cancer Society Colour Dash events have continued, having taken place in Phoenix ...
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23 years in Business marked by 23 GMIT Prospectus Covers

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to get the creative juices flowing. In March each year our design team compete against each other to see who will be the creator of the next GMIT prospectus cover. For 23 years Proactive has designed the Prospectus and each year the aim is to produce something different but current. The Proactive graphic designers each come up with a few concepts for ...
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An Augmented Reality Prospectus? Now that’s so 2018.

Although Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for a while now (remember the craze of Pokémon Go?), it is still however an unexplored opportunity in printed communications. AR allows you to create immersive and engaging interactions with your customers by incorporating video content, 3d models that interact with the printed scene, photograph slideshows and web content –all of which enhance...
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A Fun New way to Generate Profits

There’s a new way to generate profits… and here’s the thing: it’s fun! Every business is on the lookout for the 'new way of thinking', or the ‘latest tricks to turn ordinary clients into profitable ones’. Now, we’re not talking get-rich-quick schemes here; we’re talking about ways to get your staff to work smarter and work together. So what’s the big secret? Well, surprise surprise, it isn’...
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The Art of Naming Your Business

One of the first and most vital decisions every new business must make is the selection of a business name. So how do you create a winning business name? Name Generation – Key Tips and Considerations  There are a number of considerations you should think about: Start by defining your key qualities Before you start thinking up names, it is important that you define the qualities that your...
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10 Step Guide to Promoting your Race or Sports Event

A 10-step guide to promoting your race or event Check out the tips below that have helped make our race events sell-out successes. Choose a memorable name for your event - make sure it's available as a domain name. For example, www.rungalwaybay.com Create a strong logo with a distinctive colour - you want your event Tee Shirts and branding to stand out. Conne...
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Trade Show Marketing

The top tips to make your company stand out from the crowd at your next exhibition. Discover what you need to do to achieve targeted trade show results. Before the show, set your Objectives Before you even consider attending a trade show, you need to ask yourself a simple question – why? Trade shows are an expensive form of advertising so attending a show needs to be very well justified. Tr...
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