10 Step Guide to Promoting your Race or Sports Event


A 10-step guide to promoting your race or event

Check out the tips below that have helped make our race events sell-out successes.

  1. Choose a memorable name for your event – make sure it’s available as a domain name. For example,
  2. Create a strong logo with a distinctive colour – you want your event Tee Shirts and branding to stand out. Connemarathon tee shirts are seen all over the world thanks to their wearable colours and strong statements.
  3. Develop a strap line that differentiates your event. For Example, ‘I hit the Wall in Connemara’ this is a pun on the fact that the region is famous for it’s stone walls but also refers to that agonising point in a marathon where your body wants to stop but your determination pushes you through.
  4. Design a website that gives participants all the information they need to know within two clicks.
  5. Use an on-line booking system like and eliminate paperwork from postal entries if possible. Connemarathon is 100% on-line entry.
  6. Use links to other Websites and Forums to get the word out there.
  7. Make sure your event is listed on event calendars – most are free.
  8. Optimise your website to ensure your event is ranked on google listings.
  9. Get as much press coverage as possible – the story has to be newsworthy and relevant. Inviting an elite runner, or a celebrity personality, or a reporter to participate in your event will boost the post event press coverage.
  10. Get your own photographer – don’t rely solely on the press.