Marketing through the Generations

Generation Z is the latest demographic profile: one that can be described as ambitious, entrepreneurial and multicultural. It’s the only generation to have never lived a day without access to the internet, mobile phones, or computers so, not surprisingly, it tends to embrace technology and change.

The Difference between Gen X, Y, and Z

Generation X born between the 1960s and the 1970s follows the baby boomers and precedes the millennials.

Generation Y, AKA millennials, includes those born during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Generation Z was born between 1995 and 2012.

Why Should You be Marketing To Generation Z?

The buying power of Gen Z is currently estimated at $44 billion.This number is only going to increase as Gen Zers age and enter the workforce. They spend a whopping average of 74% of their free time online waiting for you to connect with them.

10 Tips to Market To Gen Z

1. Snapchat

The Drum cited that, 79% of respondents said they use Snapchat at least once a day while 51% said they use Snapchat approximately 11 times a day. It is quite clear that Gen Zers loves Snapchat. Snapchat provides them with a way to share personal information in a way that feels confidential (even though this may not be the case).

2. Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Like Millennials, Gen Zers are highly Entrepreneurial. They are interested in the power of technology to change our world and want to get to work as fast as possible They are the most likely generation to skip college to get into the workforce sooner. 

3. Think Mobile First

Gen Zer’s primary method of using social media is through their mobile phones. Therefore, all digital content should be optimised for smartphone screens. When creating content for this generation it may be useful to think mobile first and desktop second. This includes your website.

4. Embrace Multiculturalism

Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse population in history. This diverse reality should be apparent on screens too. A good way to engage with this generation in a meaningful way would be to embrace cultural and ethnic diversity and to celebrate it.

5. Instagram Stories

Instagram launched a copy of Snapchat on their App in August 2016 called Instagram Stories. It works almost in the exact same way as Snapchat, in that it allows the user to share a photo or short video for 24 hours and allows filters, drawing and hashtags to be added to the photo. Since its launch, Instagram Stories has become more popular than Snapchat. As of April 2017, 40 million more people use Instagram Stories than Snapchat. Marketers should use both to capture the attention of Gen Z.

6. Get to Know Gen Z Influencers

Use influencers who appeal to Gen Z to create meaningful relationships with them. Influencers are different to celebrities: they could be people who have built up a social media following through having a successful YouTube Channel or Vlog.

7. Use Video

According to figures produced during SXSW, Gen Z watches approximately 2-4 hours of YouTube a day making it a primary source of entertainment for Gen Z. It, therefore, follows that so many of their influences have successful YouTube Channels. For marketers, this means one thing, USE VIDEO.

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8. Talk to them

The best way to find out exactly how Gen Zers think is to conduct personal interviews with some of your existing customers in that category. If you can’t gain access to them for an interview, use social media analytics tools to watch how they respond to the messages you present to them and then tailor your content to give them more of what they want.

9. Love the Brands They Love

If you are looking to connect with Gen Z it is a good idea to study the brands they already follow. Gen Z tends to love brands such as Nike, Forever 21 and Adidas. Look at how these brands interact with Gen Z and mimic it to suit your brand.

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10. Know what’s cool

Google conducted a study to see what Gen Z consider to be cool, or as they say, ‘lit’ or ‘on fleek’. One respondent said, “When I think ‘cool,’ I imagine companies that do great things for customer/employees or beautiful/unusual products.” – companies such as YouTube, Amazon and Netflix were seen to be cool because of the impact they are having on the world. This also shows that technology is ranked as the coolest category.

Marketers should use social media to highlight the impact their company is having on the world.