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When a sponsorship deal is managed correctly it can hold huge benefits for each side of the deal. As Marketers and Event Managers we understand the relationship coming from each side.

Mutual Understanding

All major global event brands depend on income from Sponsors to supplement ticket sales and guarantee that the huge production costs of staging large scale events are covered with enough left over to continuously reinvent and improve the participant experience year-on-year.

It must be kept in mind that the sponsors are chosen as much for their creativity and entertainment value that they add to the event as well as the monetary contribution.

Where we can help:

  • Matching Demographics – If both brands hold similar audiences they will both benefit from the exposure.
  • Matching Tones and Personas – When the tones match well a lot of engaging content can be created.
  • Social Media Reach – We can help to develop creative content that can be shared by both ends of the deal and gain more reach by using each other’s platforms.
  • Mailing Lists – Active email databases can be a great asset. We can help to manage email communications so they are efficient and effective.
  • Signage – Having signage that is fun and bright and making sure that it is placed in an optimum place is extremely important. We can help you here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In you are interested in sponsorship or partner opportunities with either Tough Mudder Ireland or Run Galway Bay contact our sponsorship coordinator, Ciara.