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Brand Development

At the heart of Proactive’s service is brand development and management. Your brand is not just your logo – it is the building block upon which all marketing and PR strategies are formed. Branding defines who you are, who you need to communicate to and what you need to say. Therefore, it is vital that you understand what makes a good brand and how your brand can work for you.

Good logo design is essential but this is only one element of brand development. You need to have a full understanding of your customers, your competitors and your own strengths to develop your brand strategically.

Proactive identifies your brand, researches your target audience and competition, develops distinctive, innovative logos, creates branding strategies that will improve the foundation of your business.

Proactive works on brands at all stages of development – from the name of a business to the logo to the finishing touches, we can create your brand, establish it, develop it, or rebrand it completely.

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