Event Season at Proactive

The summer months see a plethora of events, concerts, and fundraisers – there is a short season where outside venues are less likely to be problematic and everyone from charities, to sporting and music enthusiasts, are getting in on the action alongside the traditional County Shows.

How do you keep staff energised over Event Season?

For event management companies, the challenge is to have every member of staff view each event as if it’s the only one they are working at this year so that the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism shines through from the first event to the last.

The Proactive season starts in late May with the first of four Colour Dashes for the Irish Cancer Society, entertaining over 8,500 people nationwide. The Proactive team are in the office during the week and then regroup at the weekends for a whole new working experience.

The season stretches all the way to October finishing with Run Galway Bay Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K. During this season the Portumna Forest Run which holds a 100k, 50k, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K event takes place, as well as the Connemara 100-mile road race in August with staff working through the night to support the Ultra athletes and their crews.

But the biggest event on the calendar in terms of event management skill and experience is Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is a global obstacle course that is 10 miles long, designed to challenge participants to work as a team and face their fears. The whole Tough Mudder brand is based on teamwork and camaraderie – ideals that are at the forefront of Proactive’s own ethos.

Our team works particularly hard before, during, and after this event. The build alone takes four weeks, as well as the months of organisation, planning and promoting that goes on in the lead up to event weekend. But the work is incredibly rewarding, and a ton of fun. Event weekend is what makes everything worthwhile – seeing almost 5,000 smiling faces as participants who arrive as strangers leave as teammates and friends. There is a sense of community that is unique and warm, and organising an event with such positivity and vigour reflects onto our team who become closer than ever before.

Team Morale

So between May and October, there is practically an event on every weekend – surely this takes its toll on the team morale?

The Proactive Team spend Monday to Friday at a desk, focusing on each individual task and client. It is a complete change of scenery to get out at the weekend and throw ourselves into a hand–on event that’s all about working together. The change of atmosphere follows us back into the office and instead of the usual Monday morning dullness of a typical office, the team arrives smiling and sharing jokes and stories from the weekend, filling each other in on everything that went on.

Yes, it can be stressful – the responsibility is huge and behind the scenes of the event, there is meticulous planning, checking and double checking to ensure that the participants are happy and have a great day. But even so, we find ourselves having more energy when we return to the office, still working off the high of a successful event.

How do you deal with the stress and worries that come with event management? 

Using trusted suppliers and having a bank of experienced volunteers is the key. When you are surrounded by people you trust will carry their weight, the stress is diminished.

The Proactive team pulls together and all our families and friends jump on board – it is a group effort that really works and pays off.