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23 years in Business marked by 23 GMIT Prospectus Covers

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to get the creative juices flowing.

In March each year our design team compete against each other to see who will be the creator of the next GMIT prospectus cover. For 23 years Proactive has designed the Prospectus and each year the aim is to produce something different but current. The Proactive graphic designers each come up with a few concepts for the cover and the whole team review them to short-list the preferred five designs. The next step involves getting feedback from current 5th Year and Leaving Cert students using an online survey where they rate each design. The results are not revealed to the client at this stage. A second survey is conducted in the form of a focus group in GMIT, which includes GMIT senior management, a lecturer from each discipline, current students, members of the student union and the schools liaison team. The concepts are presented to the group and the designers’ rationale on each is explained. The group are invited to discuss the cover options openly with the various target audiences in mind, which always results in a healthy debate. The individuals within the group rate each design and a winner is chosen. At this stage Proactive reveals the score from the student on-line survey and further discussion takes place before the final cover is approved.

There is always the concern that a design agency who works with the same client for over 20 years will become stale or repetitive. This process ensures that we give the client a selection to choose from that is varied and creative.

The montage below demonstrates this – the 23 cover designs range from minimalistic to an explosion of illustrations with everything in between. Sometimes it is the print finish that makes the cover creative – using metallic inks, die cuts or embossing can add texture to an otherwise ordinary design.

GMIT is a great client to deal with in that their team allows time and budget to conduct the valuable research that helps to ensure that the GMIT prospectus does its job.



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